The Internet is a complex environment and has become the most important medium for information dissemination and an environment where commerce thrives. If you are a small business owner, events organizer, spiritual congregation, educational institution or charitable organization the question you seem to hear on a daily basis seems to be the same. Do you have a Web site?

Do you have an online presence to attract potential customers, clients and other individuals interested in what you have to sell or say? What better way to promote your organization and services than on the Internet, a medium that is accessible to millions. It is the way to get the most advertising "bang for your buck"!

Website Design – The right way and the wrong way

There is a right way to go about building a Web site and there is a wrong way. Throwing a bunch of pages together with some pretty graphics that are aesthetically pleasing is certainly the wrong way. However organizing your content, having a sense of purpose based on focused goals, employing the right technologies and tools to get the job done and maintaining this information in a consistent and timely manner while enabling potential new business to locate you via a Web search is the right way.

Unfortunately, this is not at all an easy task and Treadstone Web Services is certainly here to help.

Custom Website Design and Web Applications

We offer services from website design to custom web application development, content management, content writing to eCommerce solutions. We will assist you through the entire process of taking your ideas and business goals to establishing your online presence. As a small business owner, having a Web site showcasing your products and services is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to extend your customer base in these trying economic times.

Our custom website design will incorporate your unique identity and branding in your finished product and will help you achieve your Web-based goals. We will listen to you and cut through all the technology and focus on what is really important, your needs and what you want to achieve. We can even develop custom web applications for any of your back-end business processes. These may integrate with your Web site and enable a portal for your customers.

Service in Bloomington Illinois, Normal Illinois, and Central Illinois

At Treadstone Web Services, our customers come first! We will work with your budget to provide professional website design services and custom web application development. We serve the Bloomington Illinois, Normal Illinois community and Central Illinois but have clients in Indiana and surrounding states. If you are looking for a website designer, custom web application development and a great web design company to listen to you, hear your needs and turn your vision into a reality, Treadstone Web Services will help "Make the Web Work for You".

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