Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Town and Country Kennel Club

Town & Country Kennel Club of McLean County (TCKC) is one of McLean County's oldest dog obedience training clubs. They are a nonprofit organization staffed by experienced volunteers. They offer dog obedience, conformation, agility and other canine classes to the general public.


Beautiful Birth Doula Services

Central Illinois Doula on a mission to serve women planning home births and hospital births. Her passion is to assist a mother during pregnancy and labor so she can realize the childbirth experience that she desires.


Kiddie Korner Preschool

Located in Normal, Illinois, the Kiddie Korner Preschool provides varied experiences for the Preschool child within a stimulating Christian environment.


Corn Belt Kennel Club

Based in Bloomington, Illinois, Corn Belt Kennel Club aims to further the advancement of all breeds of pure-bred dogs. The club sanctions matches, dog shows, and obedience trials under the rules of The American Kennel Club.


Bloomington Normal Senior Fitness

Personal trainer Hawkins Williams will listen to your needs and goals and help create a program that is just right for you! He explains fitness in terms you can understand and will show you how to perform exercises correctly.



Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sumintra LLC helps customers lessen their dependence on finite energy resources and move towards a more sustainable energy future. Sumintra engineers are qualified and experienced in the design and installation of solar electric systems, solar water heating systems and on-demand water heating systems.


New View Indy

A real estate company based in Indiana.