Custom Web Applications

All businesses and organizations constantly have to manage and maintain a variety of information. This may range from stock inventories, customer demographics, purchase orders, appointment schedules, miscellaneous scanned documents, invoices to accompany purchases and receipts, customer contracts etc. There are many commercial applications that are available to assist with these requirements; however in many situations there are certain business needs or problems which we cannot solve with an out of the box product.

Every business environment is unique and it is sometimes difficult to retrofit a commercial product to fit the way you do business. While implementations are certainly possible, there is a constraint of time, money and not enough expertise or knowledge to get the job done. After all, as a business owner you should be focused on doing what you do best, your business and these software tools though intended to facilitate your business process can often present huge impediments for accomplishing your goals because of the difficulty involved in their custom implementations.

Treadstone Web Services can look at your business processes and assist in developing custom Web applications to help you manage your data. In addition, we can integrate your data with your Web site to provide your customers with real-time views on information such as your inventories, their invoices, receipts, other documents you provide, manuals, faqs, troubleshooting tips for your products and services etc.

We can work with you to create portals for your customers to have access to any information you want to provide. You may also expose these business processes as Web Services so that authenticated customers could leverage your services and enhance their productivity resulting in a more efficient business model.

Let Treadstone Web Services work with you to develop custom Web applications for your employees, customers, partners and prospective clients. We can integrate your back-end systems to allow your business to work more efficiently and up your overall productivity.

Examples of custom Web applications

  • Portal for your customers to place orders, buy products and check your inventories
  • Portal for your employees to manage inventories
  • Maintaining and tracking customer information, documents, invoices, follow-up action items, order status etc
  • Batch processes to archive your data
  • Integration of back-end systems to exchange information
  • Expose business process implementations as Web services to your customers or employees

Contact us today to see how we can make the "Web work for you" with custom Web application development for your business!